HKN Transport & Logistics provides total and complete truckload carriage, including Dry Van, Flat-bed and Specialized, Inter-modal, Dedicated Fleet, and Expedited transport.


HKN Transport & Logistics provides dedicated contract carriage to serve specific closed-loop, shuttle, and short-run transport  needs with exclusive-use transportation.

Ground Expedite

HKN Transport & Logistics On-Demand provides on-demand, emergency, door-to-door transportation in a Just-in-Time environment.


HKN Transport & Logistics Inter-modal provides US domestic Port and Rail Dray-age, Container Yard Services, Door-to-Door Rail Services, and Flatbed Inter-modal Services.


HKN Transport & Logistics provides general commodities Dry Van service throughout North America. Universal has one of the largest specialized fleets in the US, providing Flat-bed, Heavy Haul, Oilfield, and Drive Away Services.


HKN Transport & Logistics provides a broad range of International Global Trade Management Services that plan and arrange transportation and clearance for Imports into North America and Exports worldwide.